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A Very LEGO Universe Birthday!

So it is my birthday today (1st August) and I went home to visit my family. To my great delight, my younger brother had made me a "LEGO Universe Emergency Kit". Here are a the photos to boost your imagination. Finally, a great big thanks to the man himself, MightySlickPancake!!

LEGO Universe Emergency Kit

  • Bag 1
  • Bag 2
  • Bag 3
  • Bag 4
  • Bag 5
  • Bag 6
  • Bag 7
  • Bag 8
  • Bag 9
  • Bag 10
  • Clothes 1
  • Clothes 2
  • Clothes 3
  • Cash Register
  • Guitar, Fence, Binoculars, Jetpack
  • Freeze box
  • Vendor Clothes Rack
  • Box
  • Fence, Guard Post thingy, Transmittor
  • Exploding Maelstrom Crate
  • Crux Prime Launch Pad
  • Buying Items
  • Exploring Gnarled Forest
  • 3...2....1.... Blast Off!
  • Rocking Out
  • Running Round Avant Gardens
Inside The Kit

LDD File: LEGO Universe Emergency Kit

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