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Vance Bulwark
Theo Balfour New
Theme Sentinel Faction
World Block Yard
Quote "We need to use Imagination to push back the Maelstrom."
Weapon/Tool Spear

Vance Bulwark is the Sentinel Property Guard NPC of Block Yard.

Vance Bulwark saw the Maelstrom fog over the Avant Gardens Launch Area and heard that the Spider Queen had taken over Block Yard. He bravely traveled to Block Yard to fight the Spider Queen, but found himself unable to defeat the Maelstrom creature.

Players are sent by Crash Helmut to aid Vance Bulwark in his battle against the Spider Queen. Vance Bulwark loans Rank 2 Daredevil, Space Marauder, Summoner, or Knight Trial Faction Gear to players so they may stand a chance against the powerful Spider Queen. When they are all geared up, Vance sends them to defeat the Maelstrom Spider Queen and her Dark Spiderlings.

After the Spider Queen is vanquished, Vance Bulwark works quickly to ensure that there is enough Imagination on Block Yard to permanently keep the Maelstrom away. He lets players claim Block Yard free of charge as a reward for their work, then teaches them the basics of moving, placing, picking up, rotating, and putting away Models when working on properties. Once his lessons are finished, Vance Bulwark sends players to check in with Sky Lane and leaves the Block Yard property.


Beta Information

In beta testing, Vance Bulwark was unnamed and simply identified as Property Guard. He used the same model as an alpha Sentinel Faction Guard, but with a standard silver Knights Helmet instead of the Sentinel Guards' gray high-tech visored helmets. Until the Crux Prime update, Vance Bulwark carried a unique spear design used by various Sentinel characters but never seen in an actual LEGO mold. In the Crux Prime update, this spear was replaced with one that combined the standard spear mold with a 1x1 cone brick.

When Vance was first introduced, it was not yet required to clear a property before claiming it, and he did not stay to teach players about moving Models. For most of beta testing, Vance did not let players claim Block Yard for free; rent ranged from one coin to 500 coins per month.

Prior to the Power of the Nexus Force update, Vance Bulwark needed players to smash a Maelstrom Generator that was spawning Stromlings. He left after the Model Movers mission was complete; the Check in with Sky Lane mission was given by Crash Helmut.


  • Crash Helmut shows much respect regarding Vance Bulwark's bravery.
  • Vance has more missions than any other Property Guard.


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