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Venture League Map Room
Venture League Map Room
World Nexus Tower
Main Location of Venture League
Enemies None

The Venture League Map Room is a Venture League command center located within Nexus Tower. A giant hologram of the history of Planet Crux is located in the middle. It repeatedly replays a simple version of the four explorers (Doc Overbuild, Hael Storm, Duke Exeter, Baron Typhonus) landing and destroying the planet.

The maps around the room facing the center show various images, including some of Aura Mar. Upstairs is the Venture League Observatory, personal quarters of Hael Storm and location of a LEGO Club Door.


  • One of Doctor Overbuild's Questions of the Week[1] states that weekly Nexus Force council meetings are held in the "Venture League War Room", which may refer to either the Venture League Map Room or Sentinel War Room.





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