Vertigo Loop Racetrack
Vertigo Loop Start
World Nimbus Station
Main Location of Velocity Lane
Enemies Maelstrom Traffic Cones

Vertigo Loop is the Race Track in Nimbus Station which goes into space and through a ship under construction. The obstacles are traffic cones infected with the Maelstrom.

During Beta Test Phase, Keelhaul Canyon was released despite Vertigo Loop appearing earlier in the game. To make it easier for players, Velocity Lane's missions were transfered to Swifty McGurk. Using the race starter in Race Place, players were able to access Keelhaul Canyon. Even when Vertigo Loop was released, it did not become required to race for Velocity Lane until the next beta wipe.



  • Brick Annex is seen near the start line of the track, though the track cannot be seen from Brick Annex in the normal world.

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