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Wally Hornswaggle
Wally Hornswaggle
Theme Pirates
World Avant Gardens , Club Station Alpha
Quote "Ahhhhhh!" (no longer used)

Wally Hornswaggle is a Scared Pirate NPC in Avant Gardens and Club Station Alpha.

In Avant Gardens, Wally Hornswaggle appears at sea on a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. He can be seen by players through binoculars at the Launch Area, making it mandatory to see Wally Hornswaggle in order to complete the Avant Gardens Observer achievement. Although his name is not visible through the binoculars, players could use an out-of-bounds glitch to get closer to him and see his name.

In LEGO Club Station Alpha, Wally Hornswaggle is terrorized by a Raptor-at-Large named Vegan Steven. Even when Vegan Steven puts on a top hat and dances, Wally Hornswaggle does not feel a moment of peace or security.

Missions and Achievements

Beta Information

In Avant Gardens, Wally Hornswaggle could once be seen from the Buffalo area, but then he was moved to a location where he could not be seen by plain eye. Wally Hornswaggle was not originally identified by name or title when first introduced into LEGO Club Station Alpha. At one point, Wally had at least one line of dialogue, consisting of a panicked scream, that was eventually cut.


  • Hornswoggle means to take advantage of someone through cheating or deception.


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