Worlds are the locations in LEGO Universe. Worlds can be traveled to by rocket, or on occasion, through teleporters. During Alpha and Beta, only Venture Explorer, Avant Gardens, Nimbus Station, Gnarled Forest, Forbidden Valley , Club Station Alpha , and for a short time Starbase 3001 were available in addition to the five starter properties.

Nimbus System

The main worlds in LEGO Universe.

Other Worlds

These are worlds not part of the main system of worlds, and are listed in separate sections of the Passport.

  • Club Station Alpha - A space station exclusive to LEGO Club members.
  • Starbase 3001 - A space station that gives access to the World Builder League worlds.
  • DeepFreeze - A World Builder League world.
  • Robot City - A World Builder League world.
  • Moonbase - A World Builder League world.
  • Portabello - A World Builder League world.
  • Frostburgh - A seasonal world, only available in winter. Was only available once during LEGO Universe's live run, as development ceased before it could be re-added in late 2011.

Unfinished Worlds

Worlds that were in development, but due to the closure of LEGO Universe were never launched.

  • Kingdoms World - A large castle themed world, planned for release in early 2012.

Unreleased Worlds

Worlds from the development of LEGO Universe that were scrapped or redesigned.

Development Worlds

Many worlds were created by developers and LUPs throughout the game's development, usually not intended for public release. For more information, see the Development Worlds article.

Story Worlds

These locations are relevant only to the LEGO Universe story and cannot be played.

  • Gallant 5 - The four explorers found the Imagimeter Shards here.
  • Planet Crux - An ancient cube-shaped planet that was destroyed by the Maelstrom, its chunks becoming floating island worlds of their own.




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