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Worlds are the locations in LEGO Universe. Worlds can be traveled to by rocket, or on occasion, through teleporters. During Alpha and Beta, only Venture Explorer, Avant Gardens, Nimbus Station, Gnarled Forest, Forbidden Valley , Club Station Alpha , and for a short time Starbase 3001 were available in addition to the five starter properties.

LU wallpaper map 1920x1200

Nimbus System

Side Worlds

These are worlds not part of the main system of worlds, and are listed in separate sections of the Passport.

  • Club Station Alpha - A world exclusive to LEGO Club members with a special vendor and launchpads to nearly every Nimbus System world.
  • Starbase 3001- An LUP space station above Nimbus Station that acts as a hub world for the LUP worlds.
  • DeepFreeze- DeepFreeze is made by the LUP Team Luptario. It contains a frozen river and Maelstrom Beavers. It is accessed through Starbase 3001.
  • Robot City- Robot City is made by the LUP Team DeerBite. This world has robotic civilians, both Maelstrom-infected and uncontaminated. It is accessed through Starbase 3001.
  • Moonbase - A base on a moon, crawling with the scorpion-like Grabble aliens. It was created by the American LUP Team Alpha. Players can access it through Starbase 3001.
  • Portabello- Portabello was created by LUP Team Brickazon. Though both Robot City and Deep Freeze made appearances at BrickCon 2010, Portabello did not. The world is now released and the main characters are fantastic dragons. It can be accessed through Starbase 3001.
  • Frostburgh- A frozen village located on a comet that orbits around the Nimbus System. Once a year, its orbit brings it close enough to Nimbus Station to thaw out. This melting marks the beginning of the celebration of Frostivus.

Unreleased Worlds

Worlds planned for release, but due to the closure of LEGO Universe were never launched.

  • Kingdoms World - A large castle themed world, planned for release in early 2012.
  • Nexus City - A large city surrounding Nexus Tower.

Redesigned Worlds

Worlds from the early development of LEGO Universe that were not cut from the final game, but redesigned into current ones.

  • Nimbus Park - The predecessor of Avant Gardens.
  • YouReeka - Also known as Youreeka, Zorillo Plaza, and Zorillo Station, a town themed world that was merged with elements from Nimbus Park to become Nimbus Station.
  • Pet Ranch - An early farm-themed world that was redesigned into Pet Rock, which was replaced by Pet Cove. [1]
  • Port Plunder - A pirate themed world replaced by Gnarled Forest.

Removed Worlds

Worlds at one point planned for inclusion in LEGO Universe, but unlike the worlds in the previous section, were entirely cut from the game rather then redesigned.

Story Worlds

These locations are relevant only to the LEGO Universe story and cannot be played.

  • Gallant 5- The four explorers stop here to find the Imagimeter Piece in a structure built by the First Builders.
  • Planet Crux- The original planet that was shattered into pieces which became the Nimbus System.
  • Ninjago- A planet created by the First Spinjitzu Master, and the main setting for the Ninjago story arc in LEGO Universe.
  • Wonderland- The pre-alpha equivalent of Planet Crux, a mystical area that contained all the smaller worlds.




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