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Zane render
Theme Ninjago
World Ninjago Monastery
Quote "I knew you were coming. I am mysterious like that."
Weapon/Tool Shurikens of Ice

Zane is the Ninja of Ice in the Ice Dojo of the Ninjago Monastery. He teaches players how to use Ice Spinjitzu.

Once players have learned Lightning Spinjitzu from Jay and retrieved the Nunchucks of Lightning, they are sent to Zane. Zane wants to try a practical joke on Cole after Kai explaining the concept to him, and sends players to retrieve a Dragon Mask from the Ninjago Caves to scare Cole with. The joke works, giving Zane an idea. He then sends players to the Ninjago Battlefield to rebuild Maelstrom weapon crates into mechanical dragons, which scare and stun the Skulkin, leaving them open to attack.

Upon returning, Zane tells players that there is a key hidden in the attic of the Dojo, and hints that if they find it, it will unlock a package which contains Ice Spinjitzu gear the player can have. When players return and unlock the box, he tells them to give him the package which came out of the box. Giving them the Ice kit, he then sends players back to Sensei Wu.


Character Sheet On

Ninja of Ice
Weapon of choice: Shuriken
Elemental color: White
Strength: Stealth
"Zane was cool, but now he’s even cooler. He tamed the chilling Ice Dragon, unlocked the power of Spinjitzu, and even found a slick, new Spinjitzu Dragon Suit."
"Now Zane and his dragon are ready and will crush the Skullkins like an avalanche. He knows the Skullkins will fall to his ice attack, because he’s seen the future … and he knows he’s already won."


  • In a recent episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, it is revealed that Zane is actually a robot, or a "Nindroid" as said by Jay.
  • Even though Zane's face texture shows his correct face, in-game he has the same face as Kai, Cole, and Jay who all have incorrect faces.
  • Unlike the sets, Zane and his fellow ninja have yellow hands, when in the sets they have black hands.

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